What To Wear

Tracksuit bottoms (thick), trainers (Hi-Tec Squash / Indoor shoes are ideal) and T-shirt. We provide the rest of the equipment for beginners. Once you decide you like the sport, then you can begin buying your own equipment.

Directions To Venue

Dunravan Lower School,
Mount Nod Road Entrance
Off Leigham Court Road,
SW16 2QB

(Click here for a map).

Those who are members can take individual, one on one, fencing lessons from our coach. Please approach the coach on the night to book your spot. Most fencers take a 15 minute lesson from the coach in between boats with other club members.


DATE: 24th October to 5th December 2017, On Tuesdays

FREE: Grant / Supported by Sportivate London

The club recently won a grant to offer free lessons, to introduce people to the sport of fencing.

To apply to be on the course you simply need to: download and fill out the correct form below, then email it back to us at

11 - 15 years old session - 6pm to 7:30pm

16 - 25 years old session - 7pm to 9:00pm

Our Beginners' Course is an excellent introduction to the sport. Building week-on-week, but with regular consolidation, you will learn to fence safely and enjoyably. Our course follows the British Fencing foil syllabus for grades 1 and 2, covering:

Fencing safety
Grip, on guard position, distance, movement, high and low positions
Attacks: direct, lunge, disengage, feints and compound attacks
Defence: simple, semi-circular and circular parries, repostes
Blade work: engagement, pressure, beats
Rules of fencing, fencing salute and basic refereering.