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10.01.2009 Aldershot Open - MF WE & ME

"Always well run, medium level"

21.02.2009 Hampshire Open - M&WF, M&WS

21.03.2009 Invicta Open - 6W

"In Canterbury, a friendly one "

09.05.2009 Isle of Wight Open - M&WF, M&WE

"Streatham regular yearly outing, extremly well run and not too daunting for 1st timers. "

Surrey and SE Tournaments

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Nov 15 2008 BSC Whitgift Sabre

Nov 16 2008 SE Region U16/18 Foil qualifier

Nov 22 2008 Wimbledon Leon Paul Team Epée U11/13/15/17

Dec 07 2008 Mendelenyi Memorial Sabre U10/12/14/16/18/Adults Vets (Canterbury)

Dec 07 2008 Surrey Barwell Team (& AGM)

Dec 13 2008 Elite Junior Epee Series 2

Jan 04 2009 SE Region Epée & Sabre

Jan 24 2009 BYC National (Youth) Finals, Epee and Sabre

Jan 31 2009 BYC National (Youth) Finals, Foil

Feb 08 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Epee and Sabre Details pending venue booking

Feb 21 2009 Elite Junior Epee Series 3

Feb 22 2009 SE Region Intermediate Foil

Feb 28 2009 BYC School Teams

Mar 08 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Youth Champs (FES) Details Entry Form Names Received

Mar 15 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Foil (Individual)Details Entry Form Names Received

Mar 21 2009 Invicta

Mar 29 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Foil (Team)Details Entry Form

??? ?? 2009 Wimbledon Invitation Challenge Trophy

Apr 18 2009 Elite Junior Epee Finals

May 24 2009 Ridley Martin Cup (MS) and Shield (WS)

Jun 21 2009 SE Region Foil

Jun 27 2009 England Youth Championships

Jul 05 2009 Provisional Date Surrey 1-Hit epee (Cauchard Cup, Mixed), Details, Entry Form

Past Matches

Against Prague in the Czech Republic

Surrey Epee Sabre

Barwell Cup

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Barwell Cup 13/12/09

In this tournament that combines teams in Foil, Epee and Sabre, we put in two teams who came overall 3rd and 4th.

London Team Trophy 2009

Streatham A (Josh, Joel and Gavin) came 3rd in the Epee, with a team debut from Josh Freeman-birch and Joel Collyer making his yearly appearance in fencing kit. Also Will Kirk fenced for the B team, producing some enthusiastic and flamboyant swash buckling, much to the amusement of the crowd, but not so amusing to Alp from LTFC 1.

Wimbledon Invitation Challenge 2009

Streatham came a respectable 3rd this year. Wimbledon took the trophy back from us.

Surrey Team Foil

Congratulations to Streatham 'A' team (Nick Fihosy, Andy Gould and Chris Cooke) who won this tournament 45 - 35 against Salle Coton.

The same team narrowly lost by one point to Salle Coton in final last year, but this time the odds were better.

Streatham 'B' team (Gareth, Mike and Harry) won the plate comp.

Surrey Epee Championships

Nike' made it to final of the ladies Epee coming 2nd. Gavin made it to the semi's and came 3rd. Joshua was 8th, Roger 9th and David 13th.

A Team made up of Nike', Gavin and David came 3rd in the Epee.

Barwell Cup 2008

Streatham Saints (Nike Fihosy, Alesha Fihosy,Roger,Joel) came 2nd, coming up short by a few victories to Wimbledon. Streatham Wreathams (Chris Cooke, Steve Ridley, Gavin, Nike') were 3rd. Young Alesha Fihosy won the individual Ladies Foil trophy and Gavin Moulton won the individual Epee equalising against Joel Collyer with only 1 second of time left, then scoring the winning point in the extra minute.

Streatham V Poisson D'or

We had a good foil match against Salle Poisson d'Or (from leatherhead, nothing to do with perfume) - with Chris pulling out a win for the A team (Chris, Max, and Gareth), a comfortable win for the B team (David Lowe, Joshua, and Mike Bourke), and a narrow defeat for the C team (Lara, Charles, and Steve).

Congratulations to all involved and the debutants ( Mike, Max, Gareth, Lara, and Joshua for their first team appearances).

Alençon International Epee, France 1st & 2nd Nov 2008

Nike Ajibode was in the final of the ‘Ladies Veterans Epee’ and the rest of us learn’t a thing or two. A group made up of 6 fencers, 2 of Nike’s family and a French interpreter from Streatham FC, Kathleen, drove to the town of Alencon in Normandy via the euro tunnel on the Friday afternoon.

Our interpreter ‘Kathleen’ later proved to be invaluable in asking directions to our hotel called the ‘Chapeau Rouge’. The hotel rooms had carpeted walls and hard beds, which seemed more designed for other nocturnal activities than actually getting a good nights, sleep in.

The veteran’s competition the next day wasn’t till 2:45pm giving us time to do a bit of sight seeing in the town which had beautiful architecture, even on a Saturday it seemed peacefully provincial.

The actual fencing venue was in a sports hall not too far down the road. It was impressive in that they had set up all metal pistes (designed so any hits to the floor don’t register), secured by wires which were bolted to the walls to prevent any movement which is something I’ve never seen in the UK. Also they were very ‘hot’ on testing the weapons straight off before every bout; luckily we were equally paranoid in testing our own weapons just in case. After some fairly shaky men’s pool rounds, Murphy’s law struck as both Brits Nick Stuart and Robert Streeter had to fence each other in their first DE, Streeter won, and then David Lowe (streatham) knocked out fellow Brit Andy Gordon (wellington) and then had to fence Brit, John Stanbury and Stanbury won, “C’est la vie” as they say in France. Oh the irony of going all the way to France to fence a fellow English man.

However our attention quickly moved on to Nike who was top seed after the pools and making a quick B Line to the ladies final. In the final Nike faced a lady who had won in 2006 and 2007, in an exciting and tense match by the end of the final time period the score was 9 – 9 (note veterans only go up to 10 points). In these situations when the score is tired they have to toss a coin to see who gets priority, then the fencers have to fence for 1 minute, if no one scores then the person with the priority wins. Nike lost the toss so was under pressure to score and frustratingly her attack failed but it could have easily gone either way. But looking back on it she did very well, she narrowly missed winning a coffee maker, but won the kettle instead.

In true British tradition we went out that night and celebrated Robert's birthday and Nikes success and in most cases took in just the right mixture of poison to ruin our chances for the seniors the next day. David Lowe despite not doing too well in the poules redeemed himself for what looked like certain victory in his first DE, which was at last against a Frenchy, as he was up 10 - 5 but let it slip to go out 14 - 15, but a valiant effort. Gavin won 2 out of 5 in his poule, and in his DE was down 1 - 5, then equalised to 5 - 5, by the final period of time he lead 10 - 9, then 13 - 13, but the match ended with only seconds left, 13 - 15, with the only consolation that his hangover had seemed to have temporarily cleared.

Nick Stuart won 1 bout in this pool, but showed the French his trademark extra long run up move, Also “Déjà vu” struck as Robert had to fence another fellow brit in his first DE now what’s the chances of that happening.

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