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10.01.2009 Aldershot Open - MF WE & ME

"Always well run, medium level"

21.02.2009 Hampshire Open - M&WF, M&WS

21.03.2009 Invicta Open - 6W

"In Canterbury, a friendly one "

09.05.2009 Isle of Wight Open - M&WF, M&WE

"Streatham regular yearly outing, extremly well run and not too daunting for 1st timers. "

Surrey and SE Tournaments

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Nov 15 2008 BSC Whitgift Sabre

Nov 16 2008 SE Region U16/18 Foil qualifier

Nov 22 2008 Wimbledon Leon Paul Team Epée U11/13/15/17

Dec 07 2008 Mendelenyi Memorial Sabre U10/12/14/16/18/Adults Vets (Canterbury)

Dec 07 2008 Surrey Barwell Team (& AGM)

Dec 13 2008 Elite Junior Epee Series 2

Jan 04 2009 SE Region Epée & Sabre

Jan 24 2009 BYC National (Youth) Finals, Epee and Sabre

Jan 31 2009 BYC National (Youth) Finals, Foil

Feb 08 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Epee and Sabre Details pending venue booking

Feb 21 2009 Elite Junior Epee Series 3

Feb 22 2009 SE Region Intermediate Foil

Feb 28 2009 BYC School Teams

Mar 08 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Youth Champs (FES) Details Entry Form Names Received

Mar 15 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Foil (Individual)Details Entry Form Names Received

Mar 21 2009 Invicta

Mar 29 2009 Provisional Date Surrey Foil (Team)Details Entry Form

??? ?? 2009 Wimbledon Invitation Challenge Trophy

Apr 18 2009 Elite Junior Epee Finals

May 24 2009 Ridley Martin Cup (MS) and Shield (WS)

Jun 21 2009 SE Region Foil

Jun 27 2009 England Youth Championships

Jul 05 2009 Provisional Date Surrey 1-Hit epee (Cauchard Cup, Mixed), Details, Entry Form

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Against Prague in the Czech Republic

Surrey Epee Sabre

Barwell Cup

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Surrey Foil Team Championship 30/03/08

Encouragingly Streatham put forward a number of teams to this event held in Epsom.

Streatham 'A' team got to the final and narrowly lost, by 1 point, to Salle Coton 'A' team with the score ending up at 44 - 45.

Streatham 'B' had a few close matches at 43-42 and 44-42 and Streatham 'C' only had 2/3's of a team, but is was a really enjoyable day and a great turn out from Streatham.

Streatham V Salle Gadaski (Away) 16/02/08

A return match, we visited Salle Gadaski in the City. Well done to eveyone who fenced. Included newcomers from our club who've been fencing around 6 to 12 months, fencing non-electric (steam). Matches were based on the Italian relay system up to 45 points.

SabreFoilSteam Foil
Streatham 45 - Salle Gadaski 40 Streatham 45 - Salle Gadaski 35 Streatham 45 - Salle Gadaski 43

Surrey Union Team Epee and Individual Epee, Sabre 10/2/08

After coming second in last years Team Epee, there was some hope that Streatham might better that this year. The Streatham team of Joel Collyer, Gavin Moulton and John Watts got off to a good start and won against LTFC. Their next match against Redhill and Reigate was tougher with all of Redhill and Reigate’s team members ranked in the GB top100, Streatham couldn’t quite over come the hurdle this presented. Their next opponents old rivals and friends Wimbledon was a closer match and it was equal points most of the way with Wimbledon 1 point ahead when the last two fencers, Joel Collyer and Tim Buzwell, faced each other on the piste. Joel pulled out some inspired moves to edge forward by one point to bring the score to 44-43 and in true epee style both fencers scored a double hit giving Streatham a 45-44 win. So Redhill and Reigate were 1st, Streatham 2nd (again) and Wimbledon 3rd.

In the individual event Joel came 3rd winning matches against Graham Miles (LTFC) and 15 – 14 against Rob Allen (R&R), he then met Tim Buzwell the eventual winner and couldn’t quite catch up on Tim’s initial lead. Gavin had a long and drawn out first DE which stretched over 3 periods of time, but he managed to edge forward from equal points to win 15-12. His next match against GB Under 20 ‘mens’ rep Taran Nichols was mostly all head to head with Gavin gaining a few points to equal at 14-14, only throw it all away and loose 15-14, giving Gavin around 8th place overall.

Well done to David who entered the individual Sabre and has only been recently dabbling with it and John Watts who fenced for the team and came out with some amazingly well timed touches.

London Team Open 11/10/2008

We got the old '2006' winning team back together this year, of Joel Collyer, Roger Barnes and Gavin Moulton all fencing in the Epee. We made it through to the semi-finals, where it came down to equal indicators. To decide who would have to fence Bexley's A team, we tossed a coin and lost the toss. So we fenced Bexley's A team, they had Paul Fitzpatrick, a couple of quite useful fencers and just our luck Dudley Tredger, rumour had it he'd made a transfer from Crawley Swords Club for an undisclosed sum. Streatham put up a good fight but to no avail. In the end Bexley A won against ULU in an exciting final. This event has a nice, friendly atmosphere and the new venue of St Pauls School made it even better.

Wimbledon Invitation Challenge 13/04/08

Streatham won this event for the first time in it's 28 year existence, scoring 100 Points. In 2nd place with 95 points was Wimbledon who had previously held the trophy for 6 consecutive years. In third place was Crawley swords followed by Kingston, Poly, Salle Joseph, Egham and "Brighton" (which comprised of one fencer who was the Streatham reserve).

The format of the competition comprised of 2 people in each fencing discipline: John Watts & David Lowe for Sabre / Nike Ajibode and Nadya for Ladies Foil / Gavin Moulton & Joel Collyer for Epee / Chris Cooke & Chris Coton for Mens Foil. All the members qualified for the top pool after the initial seeding round and achieved good placings to hit the 100 points.

Surrey Foil 'A' Team 2008

Club Competition - Joel V Paul

Club Competition - Jean V Nick

Club Competition - Nick V Joel

Streatham 45 - Salle Gadaski 43