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Advice On Equipment For The Intermediate Fencing Course

At a minimum, the only piece of kit you need to buy yourself to participate in the intermediate course is a pair of breaches (trousers). This is a British Fencing safety requirement for electric fencing and we have to adhere to this for insurance purposes. You only need 350N ones which are cheaper and what most of us at the club wear. The more expensive 800N ones you might see are for higher protection and only required for fencing in international tournaments.

We advise you not to buy any cheap fencing gear from ebay or other as it might not be 350N standard (older kit) or many have failed safety tests and it's not worth it just to save 10 or so. However second hand equipment which is 350N from a known supplier from mentioned suppliers could be ok. We recommend PBT who give any member of Streatham Fencing Club a 10% discount so don't forgot to add that you're a member in the comments field, or via phone, or in person. You may find some items of equipment are cheaper from different suppliers, if you decide you'd like to go for it and buy all the kit at once then deals can be done for starter kits. Ask our advice at the club.



Other manufacturers which are known to be fine are: Allstar-ullman, bladesbrand and Leon Paul

Breaches will normally fit to your usual waist measurement (some people prefer a looser fit though), we recommended you visit the shop for your first purchase to get the right size, though you can order online and return if the item doesn't fit. We will continue to lend the rest of the kit each session until the new intermediates start their course.

Subsequent fencers doing the intermediate course after you, will need lames and electric foils and will be given priority over more established fencers.