Introducing the Streatham Fencing club new clothing line

The club is proud to present its new clothing range, featuring the latest design of the club logo. You can buy t-shirts and jackets in a variety of sizes and styles.

White wicking t-shirts embroidered with the club logo cost 17.50.

The wicking fabric will draw any moisture (alright, sweat! Ew.) away from your skin, keeping you comfortable when you're engaged in a fight to the death on a particularly hot day.

It also looks quite natty with the old fencing whites when you're lounging nonchalantly off-piste.

You should buy a t-shirt at least one, if not two, sizes smaller than your normal clothing, as they need to be a tight fit under your fencing jacket.

Sample sizes are available on club nights, if you speak to a member of the committee.

You have more opportunities to express yourself with the club jacket, available in a variety of colours and styles; it costs 33. Like the t-shirt, it is embroidered with the club logo (so it's probably best not to opt for the blue or yellow jacket, while red will invoke memories of Baywatch).

The jacket pictured here is a large, so the medium jacket will probably suit most people.

There are no sample sizes available, but ask Nick if you can try on his (as seen in the pictures). Bear in mind that you will probably want it to fit over your kit.

The black jacket featured in the pictures here shows up the logo particularly well, but the choice is of course yours.

All jackets are made of soft shell material, and are both water repellent and breathable.

If you don't know what soft shell means, an explanation can be found here.